A small collection of common questions, if you cannot find your answer here feel free to create a ticket on GitHub!

Why javascript over css animations?

Compared to css animations GSAP offers a lot more features that will make your life a whole lot easier. To see more details check out a blog post they did on CSS Animations vs. GSAP.

I’ve added my transition-contoller but it does not transition in?

Did you call transitionIn on your instance? Transition controllers do not start automatically.

I’m trying to nest a timeline with a from but it throws an error, what do I do?

When timelines are nested you are forced to use a fromTo animation this is because timelines have to be cloned to be able to nest them within other timelines and still be able to use them separately.

I’m calling getTimeline in the setupTransitionOutTimeline but the transitionInTimeline is added, how can I add the transitionOutTimeline?

The default direction for the getTimeline method is IN if you want to retrieve an out timeline you will have to define it as a second argument

I’m using a from in my transition out timeline but it fails, wha do I do?

Transition out timelines require a to animation because the end state of the component can change after the timeline is created to make sure your out animation does not jump you only define the out state!