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An abstract transition controller that can be used for transitioning elements


yarn add transition-controller
npm i -S transition-controller


The AbstractTransitionController is an abstract class that should be extended by another abstract class for your project specific setup.

You can use this abstract class for the following:

  • Handling your components transitionIn and transitionOut method.
  • Create separate timelines for transition in and transition out.
  • Dispatch transition events to your parent class.
  • Force your component to transition in while it's still transitioning out and the other way around.
  • Retrieve cloned timelines so you can easily nest timelines within other timelines.
  • Setup a looping animation that can be started or stopped.

Example extended class

Before you can use the class you need to create your own abstract class that implements the getSubTimelineByComponent method.

abstract class AbstractDummyTransitionController extends AbstractTransitionController<T> {
   * @protected
   * @method getSubTimelineByComponent
   * @param {string | HTMLElement | T} component
   * @param {TransitionDirection} direction
   * @returns {gsap.TimelineLite | gsap.TimelineMax}
  protected getSubTimelineByComponent(component: string | HTMLElement | T, direction: TransitionDirection,): TimelineLite | TimelineMax {
    const instance:T;

    // Add code that finds the instance based on the 3 provided types

    // Return the correct timeline
    if (direction === TransitionDirection.IN) {
      return instance.transitionController.transitionInTimeline;
    return instance.transitionController.transitionOutTimeline;

Example usage

After you've created you own abstract class you can use the transition controller and start to do amazingly easy transitions

const transitionController = new DummyTransitionController(this, {
  name: 'DummyController',
  debug: false,
  useTimelineMax: false,


I've included an example setup where you can see the loader in action, to run the project follow these steps:

  • git clone https://github.com/larsvanbraam/transition-controller.git
  • cd transition-controller/example
  • yarn
  • yarn dev
  • Open your browser localhost:8080

or click this link to preview online


In order to build transition-controller, ensure that you have Git and Node.js installed.

Clone a copy of the repo:

git clone https://github.com/larsvanbraam/transition-controller.git

Change to the transition-controller directory:

cd transition-controller

Install dev dependencies:


Use one of the following main scripts:

yarn build            # build this project
yarn dev              # run compilers in watch mode, both for babel and typescript
yarn test             # run the unit tests incl coverage
yarn test:dev         # run the unit tests in watch mode
yarn lint             # run eslint and tslint on this project
yarn doc              # generate typedoc documentation

When installing this module, it adds a pre-commit hook, that runs lint and prettier commands before committing, so you can be sure that everything checks out.






MIT © Lars van Braam

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